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Our associates have have over 40 years of  business management and development experience.  We are experts in developing business concepts and models, customer relations and strategic sales methodologies, operations and organization. We have worked with emerging economies and educational institutions around the world to improve social conditions via the support of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.  


Our Approach

We provide entrepreneurs and family businesses advice, planning and implementation assistance.  Our processes enable business owners to Get Focus, Set Agenda, Make Decisions, and Take Action on a short or long-term basis. 

Step 1 is to take your company's temperature to determine the situation.

Step 2 is to recommend the actions to take (remodel your business plan).

Step 3 is to implement the recommendations working as part of your management team until you are ready and able to take the reins.

Our clients range from revenue producing start-ups to mature businesses who have management gaps, temporary personnel disruption or understand they are not meeting their revenue potential and are looking for affordable, repeatable and scalable improvements.


Why Us?

Our associates have world-wide experience identifying business problems and correcting them with unique strategies and operational adjustments in the most critical functional areas; technology, strategy/business modeling and operations. Our fee structure is based on deliverables and implementation not 3 ring binders full of impossible recommendations. We work side by side with our client's staff so that we understand your business as well or better than you.  Business Management  has  become quite complex in today's world so it is important to have experience and technology to help.

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About Us



 I found Dillon willing to challenge the status quo and offered new insights on motivating a large organization with both personal business intuition and case studies of other successful organizations. 

Clear communications


 If you want to grow your profits in a down market, launch a new product, or target a new market, Dillon is the man to call. Dillon is highly experienced and committed to his clients' success. His Communication style is direct and clear. 

Change Management


Dillon has the unique ability to engage in thoughtful debate in a way that enables him to draw the intellectual horsepower from the entire group to ensure root causes are identified and discussed. 

I would recommend Dillon as a consultant to any organization focused on change management.